Quality in Care Homes


The Quality in Care Homes team works with care homes in the Surrey Downs CCG area to improve the health and quality of care for residents. The team provides training, support and signposting to further services and resources and consists of a variety of health professionals including nursing, a dietician, speech and language therapist and pharmacy resource.

It supports and monitors improvements in care homes as well as assessing early intervention requirements for the reduction in ‘avoidable’ hospital attendances and admissions of residents as well as improving outcomes for residents and carers.

What are our aims?
  • To support a more proactive culture.
  • To move from a reactive to proactive approach for safety and safeguarding alerts for early intervention.
  • To prevent care homes from failing due to preventable causes.
  • To provide assurance that care homes are safe environments, providing appropriate high quality care for patients.
  • To reduce inappropriate hospital admissions from care homes.
  • To reduce inappropriate A&E attendances from care homes.
  • Improve medicines management practice.
  • Improve nutrition and hydration of residents.
  • To support the right care at the right time through the right clinician and qualitative approach.