Individual Funding Requests

Individual Funding Requests

Making the best use of our limited resources and prioritising what we spend public money on are of crucial importance in providing the best possible NHS service across Surrey Downs.

To help us prioritise, we use national and local policies to ensure that the treatments and medicines we commission have a clinically proven benefit in meeting the health needs of the population.

This means that we won’t routinely fund individual treatments or medicines that do not have clinically proven benefit.  For some procedures or medicines we fund subject to national and local criteria being met.

For procedures, see our “List of procedures that are not routinely funded requiring individual funding applications”, “List of procedures with restrictions and thresholds”, and “Assisted conception” Clinical Governance policies for further details.

For medicines, see the "List of Specialised Medicines" on this page, which outlines the specialised medicines that may be funded and the circumstances in which they are funded.

Click here for a leaflet providing guidance on Individual Funding Requests for patients and service users

What are procedures with restrictions and thresholds, and specialised medicines?

Alongside providing routine healthcare, the CCG also commissions highly specialised health services which require clinicians to consider unusual treatments which may meet the needs of their patients.

The CCG has reviewed evidence of clinical effectiveness, as well as information on current national activity and cost-effectiveness, and has put in place criteria for decision-makers with regard to those procedures within the “List of procedures with restrictions and thresholds” policy.

Specialised Medicines in our “List of Specialised Medicines” will be routinely funded where a request meets national and local criteria. In this instance, medicines will be marked “tick box” OR “invoice” in the right-hand column. If a tick box form is required, this will be completed by your consultant. 

List of specialised medicines


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